Control Pleasure Drops Vibrant Oil

Control Pleasure Drops Vibrant Oil


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Vibrant Oil is a moisturizing cosmetic oil that can also be used for a stimulating clitoral massage, with an orgasmic effect. VIbrant oil helps increase pleasure with a feeling of intense heat and tingling by increasing the sensitivity of intimate parts

Use: Place one or two drops of a finger, then apply it sobr the clitoris and massage softly (the first time use only one drop and wait for the effect to understand what the right dose is for you) In about a minute you will feel a deep feeling of intense heat and tingling that will increase your orgasm.

  • Do not use more than one or two drops.
  • For external use only,
  • It's not a lubricant.
  • Main ingredients:
    • Zenthalene: pepper extract for tingling sensation
    • Thermolat: 3-ingredient mix for feeling hot
    • Almond oil: Provides softness and hydration
  • Compatible with sex toys

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