Full Sleeve Arm Binder

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Full Sleeve Arm Binder

Full Sleeve Arm Binder

Full Sleeve Arm Binder


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In this arm binder, moving becomes impossible! The black harness binds the arms behind your back, which limits the wearer’s movements considerably. The binder is worn around the shoulders and is completely adjustable. The buckles are provided with a round metal opening that you can use to attach a padlock to the arm binder. This makes it impossible for the wearer to escape. At the bottom of the binder, there is a strong D-ring. This way you can even attach bondage ropes and chains to your new favorite toy.

Unique look

Strong faux leather

Completely adjustable

Limits movement of the wearer

Buckle with ring for padlock

With strong D-ring

Additional information

Weight 278 g

Suitable for


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