Intt – Pearls In Love With Pearl Necklace And Silicone Gel

Intt – Pearls In Love With Pearl Necklace And Silicone Gel


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INTT Pearls In Love is a massage kit made up of a silicone gel and a necklace of white pearls, very elegant, sophisticated and the perfect pack to try new massage methods in company.

The silicone gel is very slippery, soft and silky, specially designed for body massages and for the combination with the necklace, which will help to slide it all over the body and through the most hidden corners of it. The necklace is perfect for practicing masturbation on the penis by wrapping it and sliding it with the gel and for the vulva it is enough to pass the pearls sensually with the help of the gel.

All this comes in elegant packaging and the gel comes in a light 15 ml container and with a dispenser that makes application of the product more comfortable.

Main features:

  • Massage kit.
  • Includes silicone-based gel and pearl necklace.
  • Very elegant and sophisticated.
  • For different and original massages in company.
  • Very slippery, soft and silky.
  • Elegant packaging.
  • Container with a 15 ml dispenser.

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