Mia – Amalfi Doble Pleasure Suction + Up And Down

Mia Amalfi Doble Pleasure Suction Up And Down

Mia – Amalfi Doble Pleasure Suction + Up And Down


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Women during menopause begin to experience changes such as hot flashes, sweating and sleep problems due to the hormonal changes associated with this stage, such as reduced production of estrogen and progesterone.

The hormonal decrease leads to a decrease in blood flow in the pelvic area and, consequently, it will cause vaginal dryness, elasticity is decreased and this can cause discomfort and irritation during games and sexual intercourse.

Menopause should not result in a reduction in sexual activity, nor, of course, a decrease in pleasure. In his opinion, the beliefs that associate the cessation of menstruation with the end of a woman's sexual relations only ?are examples of a collective imagination full of errors and prejudices.

The new range of MIA sex toys and, specifically, the range of vibrators and clitoral stimulators that have become so popular in recent years, can be allies for women during menopause. Stimulating the genital area and the clitoris itself means increasing vaginal lubrication, very useful in the face of dryness caused by the hormonal drop associated with menopause?.

Another positive point about the use of sex toys such as clitoral stimulators is that the stimulation manages to make the woman more aware of her own body. The only way in which you can have a full sexuality is to become aware of our own body, desires and needs. And many are able to reconnect with their ability to enjoy themselves through a sex toy.

But what can MIA DOBLE PLEASURE WAND bring me?

Little mirror, little mirror on the wall, why am I so tense? Your new MIA DOUBLE PLEASURE WAND massager can help you: finally someone who doesn't complain when you want a long massage! With an impressive size and a lot of power behind the tempting silicone head, the MIA DOUBLE PLEASURE WAND solves all problems and tensions, but of course also any desire for orgasm.


The shaft of the massager is made of medical silicone, which is particularly soft and gentle on the skin. In addition, its rounded head skilfully reaches all parts of the body that long for relaxation. Relaxing alone or the highlight of a romantic wellness session for two? MIA DOUBLE PLEASURE WAND is good in any situation thanks to its relaxing magic: what starts as a stimulating massage can quickly turn into a seductive foreplay…


Do you like hot anal games? Then you've come to the right place, because this bubbly lover feels the same way: he was made to discover your anal wonderland with her tingling curves. Powerful rectal pleasure motor with deep and pleasurable vibrations. They sit on the shaft and on the base, the anal vibrator goes up and down automatically! Vibrations can be conveniently controlled via MIA's TOUCH button.

With its small, rounded tip and flexible, soft silicone surface, it glides inside you with special grace. Even for newcomers to anal play, this entry is pleasantly smooth.


Your MIA DOUBLE PLEASURE WAND is equipped with built-in batteries and is therefore rechargeable and environmentally friendly. The included USB charging cable can be supplemented with a standard 5V mains plug if required.


For maximum smooth pleasure, always use your clitoral stimulator or anal vibrator with one of the Waterfeel water-based lubricants that are ideally matched to the product. This will make your experience joyfully intense and give it an added variety factor. They are available in classic, silky and warm versions. The vegan, water-based composition protects the material and keeps the silky matte surface of your amulet nice and supple.


MIA silicone has 100% phalate free silicone, incredibly flexible. Waterproof (IPX6) and combined with a practical ergonomic handle made of the same material, MIA toys are easy to clean and remain hygienic for a long time. The flexible material is wonderfully slippery and quickly warms up to body temperature. Your vibrator can be cleaned quickly and easily with a little soap and warm water. Finally, it guarantees exhaustive hygiene with a few sprays of disinfectant cleaner for toys.

Enjoy your toy as much as we have enjoyed making it for you.


MIA – much more than a European brand! It all started with stimulation through innovative motors and unique materials. The world's leading sexual wellness brand now enriches the love lives of over 200,000 women, men and couples in over 100 countries with an exclusive range of cutting-edge products. With quality features such as high-quality silicone, 5-year warranty, fully waterproof (IPX7) and powerful motors, the successful European brand is always careful to combine technology with exceptional design in its products. A product assembled in Spain with the highest European quality.

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