Pasante Unique Latexfree Condoms 3pcs

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Pasante Unique Latexfree Condoms 3pcs

Pasante Unique Latexfree Condoms 3pcs

Pasante Unique Latexfree Condoms 3pcs


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Pasante Unique condoms are the thinnest condoms! They are unique in every way, the condoms are made from a completely different material than normal (latex-free) condoms, namely the synthetic resin AT-10, and have a unique shape. They have a nominal width of 60mm what wider than other condoms, but the material is hardly stretchable .

The condoms have a reservoir, but instead of ring at the entrance of the condom, is the entrance to Pasante Unique condoms wider, covering also the area around the genitals.

Pasante Unique condoms can be used with different types of lubricant even the fatty oil based lubicants.
The condoms are provided with a unique lubricant, on the basis of purified white petrolatum. Vaseline is not absorbed by the skin and lubricating longlasting. Per 3 condoms safely packed in credit card format .

Condom Features:
– Taste: Neutral
– Lubricant: Not Spermicide
– Colour: None
– Texture: Smooth
– Size: Large
– Nominal width: 60 mm
– Thickness: Ultra-Thin
– Package quantity: 3 pieces
– Brand: Pasante

Recommended for:
Each tested condom is suitible for vaginal, oral and anal contact, as long as the condom fits properly and you use enough appropriate lubricant.

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