Secretroom Pleasure Kit Gold Level 1

Secretroom Pleasure Kit Gold Level 1


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Perfect kits designed for couples who want to make a romantic getaway, a passionate weekend trip or for a night out of the city.

The Secretroom Kits have a perfect size to carry in the bag, travel, in the suitcase or in any transport object of an active lover being its discreet, elegant size and a box of surprises inside.

What will you find in the Secretroom kits?

The Gold level, couples where they already know the sexual games at an intermediate level, those players who want to climb to a next higher level or couples who want to have fun but have already used some type of sex toy or stimulant on occasion, For this we present to Gold a complete kit that will be perfect to stimulate all the senses ..

Secret Room Gold level 1

  • Handmade eye mask
  • Embroidered black teat cups
  • Exclusive cloth and metal handcuffs
  • Given Kamasutra postures
  • Timer
  • Massage pen
  • Vibrating ring
  • Vibrator stimulator
  • Spartan couple gel, a stimulator for couples based on an orgasm enhancer cream.
  • Olympia liquid vibrator for couples, a perfect stimulant that will make both of you vibrate.
  • Nina Kikí cotton cloud flavor lubricant, perfect for use in sexual intercourse and is also edible.
  • Stimulant Nina Kikí womanfly special for women

The new Secretroom Kits have two levels in the Silver, Gold and Bronze ranges. A sexual challenge that will be a safe gift.

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