Tenga Standard – Rolling Head Cup

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Tenga Standard – Rolling Head Cup

Tenga Standard - Rolling Head Cup

Tenga Standard – Rolling Head Cup


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Twist, roll, left, right, back, forth… EXPLODE! The phenomenal Rolling Head Cup delivers impossibly exciting sensations, gripping you ever tighter in its wonderful lotion reservoir. Welcome to the Greatest Orgasm in the World! A sensual sensation like never before, made possible by adoption of a rolling head. With the adoption of a flexible body, a range of stimuli to the penis head is now possible with this onacup, including back-and-forth, right-and-left and rolling movements. You can also enjoy motions that you have never before experienced – a combination of rolling motions at the top and piston movements at the base of this TENGA Onacup. A new sensual sensation is also yours as you stimulate the sensitive head during and after ejaculation.

Length: 15,5 cm
Color: Red

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Weight 126 g

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