Tenga is a range of male sex toys all on its own. It’s such a special collection of masturbators, that we’ve singled it out from the rest. What makes Tenga sex toys so special? For starters, they are as innovative as they are satisfying. The company has been around for a while now and it has made its mark on the market with things like the Tenga Egg.

At first glance the Tenga Egg looks like something for the ladies. It resembles something they could place inside their underwear and walk around on cloud 9 all day. But the truth is, these eggs are masturbators for men. The small size was specifically used to make the egg easy to carry around. And if it happens to fall out of your pocket, nobody is going to know what it’s for.

You’re probably still trying to wrap your head around the small egg masturbator? It doesn’t make sense how something so small can fully stretch over your erection and still feel like a little bit of heaven. But it does. After penetrating the soft and wonderful wider section, you’ll notice how it comfortably stretches to meet the demands of your love muscle.

To make this Tenga Egg range even more fascinating, they come with different kinks, such as the Twister, the Clicker and the Spider. Each egg has something unique to offer, all you have to do is try them out.

The other masturbators within the Tenga range also come in very discreet packages. They look like aerosol containers and cream tubes, which hide their real purpose. But make no mistake, they deliver the same satisfying effect as all the other masturbators on the market.

Don’t waste another second using your hand, when you could be enjoying a gratifying product from Tenga.

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