Also referred to as bullet vibrators, the mini vibrator is the pinnacle of discreet power. It’s easy to carry around, it typically fits into the palm of your hand, and it shows you physical pleasures you haven’t experienced before. If mini vibrators don’t form part of your collection already, it’s definitely time.

Out of all the vibrator categories, the mini size companion is probably the most creative. You’ll see it quite quickly just by looking through our diverse range. Take for example the Finger Bang-Her Vibe. It fits on the tip of your finger and can be used to stimulate any sensitive area on the body. Then you get the Dildo Bullet, which has a realistic tip and curves. You set the vibrations with the button at the bottom, then go on your way. They are great for travelling and don’t have to be excluded to the bedroom. In fact, many couples find it rather kinky using mini vibrators in more public settings, but it’s your toy to play with where you want.

Mini vibrators are also available in different materials, such as silicone, jelly and plastic. They come in many appealing colors, and you can even get picky about the size and shape. For the most part mini or bullet vibrators follow a classic design due to the limited size, but they are not limited to this approach.
As a word of caution, mini vibrators are not meant for internal use. Unless it attaches to your finger or hand, they should only be used externally. Given that they can easily get lost where they shouldn’t, it’s safer to keep the fun on the outside.

You can check out our full range of vibrators here.