Anal Dildos

Anal Dildos to Take Your Playtime into New Realms of Pleasure!

Anal dildos have grown in popularity and now you can find one to suit virtually any taste and desire. We have a range of sizes, with different features and materials. Our anal dildos add a little more spice to your fun time, perfect for those who want something that feels a little more dangerous and exciting.

Anal Dildos Can Add a Whole New Dimension To Your Sexual Play!

Anal stimulation remains a controversial subject. Not everyone enjoys it, and a few will most likely never try it. But many love to make the sexual experience so much more intense, which is why there is such a large range of anal dildos. It is believed that the “backdoor” nerve endings are particularly sensitive, thus intensifying other sexual stimulation. It’s with this thought in mind that anal dildos and sexy toys came to the market.

The texture of anal dildos range between silicone, plastic, glass and even crystal jelly, each with their own special feature. For example, silicone is usually very flexible and they make for great starting dildos thanks to the fleshy texture. Given that anal dildo stimulation is handled with more sensitivity, it’s always recommended to be comfortable first. Glass and plastic anal dildos are obviously more appropriate for experienced lovers.

We cater for all. From Beginner to Experienced Adventurer we have something in store for you.

You will also find a wide range of designs and shapes. Some are more creative than others, such as the All Black 39cm anal dildo. It’s in the form of a realist hand and arm, designed specifically for fisting. There’s also the inflatable anal dildo for more controlled pleasure, as well as the always popular anal beads. The latter are synonymous with heightening senses you never thought you had.

Just like standard dildos, and every other sex toy for that matter, there’s a diverse choice of color. Even though the color can’t directly influence the sensations you feel, it will stimulate you visually before you use the anal dildo for some hot loving you’ll never forget.

Expect nothing less than top quality products within our catalogue, delivering you safety, comfort and satisfaction. If you haven’t experienced the world of anal stimulation yet, take one or two anal dildos out for a spin. For those who already know what all the fuss is about, it’s time to pick out your next toy.

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