Large Vibrators

For the individuals who love to test their limits, there are large vibrators for the occasion. They serve a bigger purpose and they shouldn’t be approached without the proper preparations. While the classic and g-spot vibrators have their way of pleasing the aching soul, the large vibrators bring out another type of animal inside. If you are one of those individuals seeking a larger than life experience, you’re in good company.

Not every woman has an issue with size. These are women who like to focus on hitting the pleasure points more accurately. Then there are girls who are very fussy about the length and girth. For them it’s the pinnacle of a sexual experience, other than having a mind-blowing orgasm of course.

Our range of large vibrators comes in different colors, and with different features. There’s even a special Three Bumps for Your Rump Vibrator. If you really want to be eccentric then you can try the Hand Vibrator, or the Bigstuff 28 cm Vibrator (with attached testicles). It’s not the biggest category we feature, but it’s definitely one of the most fulfilling, no pun intended.
The different materials you can choose from are silicone, jelly and even rubber. Although there’s a valuable tip to keep in mind before using your new large vibrator. Always ensure it’s a quality product, the vibrator is clean and you use enough lube. Also, use the right lube with the right material. The vibrators in our catalogue are all safe and incredibly fun. So, we invite you to let your wild side come out and play. If size doesn’t intimidate you, then you’ve just discovered your perfect vibrator section.

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