Initially it was thought that the g-spot was a myth. Somebody made it up for some unknown reason, and they decided to spread the word, fooling everyone into believing. But the truth is, the g-spot is not a myth. And you can find it quickly with the right g-spot vibrator.

The reason why the g-spot has eluded so many women is because of the particular place where it hides. The most general area is between 5 and 7cm from the point of penetration, against the upper wall. It should feel a little more “bumpy” compared to the other internal textures, and it requires a distinct type of stimulation. In fact, if stimulated correctly it will swell slightly. So there you have it, the most probable location for your g-spot.

Unfortunately it’s a little more difficult than it sounds. Many women still struggle to activate their heavenly button, which means it requires some exploration, or a quality g-spot vibrator. These specially shaped vibrators are specifically designed with a special curve. They also vibrate and pulsate at just the right tempo to help you reach a g-spot orgasm.

They come in several types of materials and colors, as well different shapes. Although the shape won’t vary too much from the curve design, you will discover some interesting models such as the Passione Beads Vibrator. As an interesting side-note, it’s said that a combined clitoral and g-spot climax is intense enough to make a woman, for the lack of a better word, squirt. If you want to find out for yourself, then check out our rabbit vibrator section.
Now go and look through our “life-changing” catalogue of colorful and powerful g-spot vibrators. You are bound to come across a model that will have all the buttons, curves and colors you love. Rest assured we only offer high quality sex toys from reputable manufacturers.

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