Egg Vibrators that Pack a Powerful Pleasure Punch

Don’t be fooled by their size – egg vibrators can give you huge pleasure! Egg vibrators are versatile and can be enjoyed internally or as a clit stimulator, or both! Controlled remotely, they’re perfect for using on your own or with someone special and can help you discover to realms of pleasure and intimacy. Use an egg during foreplay or incorporate it into your sex, there are so many uses for these little devices that you’ll wonder how you ever coped without one!


Vibrating Love Eggs are a fantastic option for beginners, offering direct clitoral stimulation, or internal vibration with the ease of a remote control. With a vibrating love egg, you're in control of your pleasure.

Take your play time outside of the bedroom with a vibrating love egg today! Give your partner the remote while you go out for dinner, or while you are out doing groceries to make your every day tasks all the more fun. Who knew that buying milk could be so exciting?!

Love eggs are not just for internal use. Tease all over with a vibrating love egg against the nipples, across the skin or against the clitoris – the possibilities are endless! Love eggs are another way to strengthen and maintain your pelvic floor while having some fun. Vibrating kegel balls are great for stimulating the pelvic muscles without it feeling like a work out. Strengthening your pelvic floor does not have to be boring with our love eggs!

For easy insertion and removal, we recommend pairing your love egg with a water-based lubricant to keep things slick and comfortable. An antibacterial toy cleaner is a must when cleaning your love egg after and before each use. As a primarily internal toy, it is important for your love egg to be thoroughly cleaned before using to be safe and hygienic. Take things to the next level with a UV light toy bag to ensure any and all nasty bugs are removed.

With a huge variety of uses, a love egg is a must have in every sex toy collection!

How do you know you’ve experienced all the pleasures life has to offer? Is it even possible to find them all? If we have to be realistic, then the answer is probably no. Chances are we won’t experience them all and there is no way of measuring how many there might be. This means we have to spend our time wisely, with female sex toys that actually turn our lives into the ultimate pleasure. Besides, who wants to waste time searching when the answer is right in front of you?

Introducing our vibrating egg range, one of the most ingenious inventions for modern women…and men if the need should arise. It releases stress and provides a positive feeling of satisfaction. But more importantly, it can induce a climax that will render you breathless. Even though the shape looks rather plain, it’s very versatile and can be used on several parts of the body. Thanks to the different speed settings, you won’t have any problem finding a speed that really works for you.

Our sensational vibrating eggs range come in an array of colors and are conveniently controlled. It’s also a very discreet size, but it doesn’t take away from the sheer amount of pleasure that vibrates from it. As mentioned earlier, these vibrators are versatile and can benefit the guys as well. By simply stimulating the tip of the penis with the egg it’s going to ignite a quicker erection, not to mention the amazing feeling when stimulating the testicles.

These precious sex toys for her are made from quality materials and are safe for vaginal penetration, although they are better used externally. For example, stimulating the clitoris, labia, nipples and other sections you find kinky. You might not be able to enjoy all the pleasures in life, but with our vibrating egg range you’ll be in a position to create them whenever you feel like.


Shop for egg vibrators online and take your sexual pleasure to new heights! Egg vibrators are sex toys that can pleasure women in the most intimate of ways. Their small, egg shaped design make them perfect for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. While they work best when tickling the clitoris, egg vibrators can be inserted into the vagina for added sensations that will send quivers from head to toe. They are the perfect sex toy to introduce into the bedroom for intense pleasure, whether playing alone or with a partner. Their non-intimidating shape and size make them an ideal sex toy for beginners and the sexually curious.

While egg vibrators look similar in shape and size, it's their vibration functions that really separate them from one another. Some vibrating egg sex toys offer basic on/off vibrations that can be controlled easily with the flick of a switch, while others offer a series of rhythmic settings that guarantee a new sensation every time. Figuring out which vibrations you like best and provide the most pleasure adds to the experience.

Browse our range of egg vibrators online that have been carefully chosen to provide you with as much pleasure as possible. If you find a vibrating egg that interests you, the detailed product description will outline exactly what it is and how it works. Sorting through the information and finding the perfect egg vibrator to buy online can be half the fun.


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