Luxury Vibrators

Buy Stylish Vibrators From Our Deluxe Luxury Collection

When you want a high-end vibrator for an extra special experience, look no further. Our collection has been carefully selected to ensure that each one is a cut above your standard sex toy style, with the extra care and attention to craftsmanship that you’d expect from this range.


Spend a little more on a luxury vibrator and you'll find the best features and highest quality materials. But why would you spend more, when you can get a similar toy so much cheaper? Are luxury sex toys worth the extra cost?

What are the benefits of choosing a designer sex toy? and why your decision to spend a little more will pay off for years to come.

With a superior build quality and advanced materials, high-end sex toys not only feel great, but they're durable too. Designed to last the course, most luxury vibrators are rechargeable sex toys. Doing away with batteries means the toys are greener, you'll spend less on powering your toy (which offsets the initial investment) and you'll avoid the frustration of running out of batteries mid-session.

Should I Choose a Luxury Sex Toy?
Creators of luxury sex toys invest heavily in research and are able to develop ergonomic shapes and innovative features, resulting in beautiful objects that are designed to leave you feeling fully indulged.

Rechargeable Technology
The vast majority of luxury sex toys are rechargeable from the mains, and some like the We-Vibe Chorus can be charged via USB!

With magnetic charger technology becoming widely adopted and advances in self-healing silicone, many modern sex toys have reached the holy grail of being rechargeable and waterproof.


Quality Materials
Most luxury sex toys are made from medical grade silicone, stainless steel and advanced skin-safe plastics. They're body-safe, soft to the touch and extremely durable.

The quality materials of luxury sex toys don't stop with the external look and feel. The motors and microprocessors within will also be of the highest quality, ensuring powerful, silent vibrations and unrivalled responsiveness to your touch.


Innovative Design
A massive amount of research goes into the creation of a designer sex toy with special attention being paid to the shape, construction and build of the product. Every aspect is improved, from materials used, to the angles of toy and placement of controls.

As well as improving classic toys by making them more ergonomic, designer sex toys also create brand new innovative products.


Superior Features
The very best motors and microprocessors are used in luxury vibrators, making them extremely powerful and responsive to the user.

As well as having multiple patterns and pulsations, luxury sex toys will often have separate speed settings too.


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