If there is one device that has been a blessing since its inception, it has to be the vibrator. For those of you who don’t know, it was created for medical purposes. When doctors discovered that orgasms are natural treatments for hysteria, in addition to several other problems, they came up with the first “vibrators”. Now, you get realistic vibrators that imitate the curves of a natural muscle, and they come in different materials to suit your pleasure.

Every girl, or guy for that matter, has a special preference. Some like things to be daring and creative, while others prefer something with a more realistic nature. With vibrators it’s exactly the same. Realistic vibrators offer a more realistic atmosphere. But they don’t lack all the other good stuff that comes with vibrators in general.

Yes, they vibrate at different speeds. At the base of the vibrator you’ll either find a button or switch that will give you full control over the speed you like. However, not every realistic vibrator has the same abilities. Make sure to check the specs before making a purchase.

Yes, they are available in different materials. This is something you’ll see in every vibrator category, from the anal vibrators to the mini vibrators. The different material ranges between plastic, silicone and even a skin-like replica such as the FleshX 7 Vibrator.
In terms of colors and sizes, you get to have a preference here as well. Choose between solid colors, outrageous colors, and the straightforward natural flesh you’d expect to see on a real date. The same goes for the size, although the most popular realistic vibrators are between 7 and 9 inches.

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