Male Sex Toys

It might seem like the guys are at a slight disadvantage in the world of sex toys. With all the special vibrators and dildos going around, how much focus is there really on the satisfactory level for men and their special alone time? The truth is, guys were at the losing end some years ago, but things have changed. Now you also get to choose between a range of male sex toys specifically made for your anatomy. So, the only question remains - how kinky can things really get?

Pocket Pussy's

Starting with the toy vagina, or a masturbator if you will, these lovely little replicas are more than just delightful. Most of them are portable, which make them easy to travel around with if you don’t spend much time at home. There are budget buys, such as the Travel Pussy (always a winner). You fill it up with water and have some naughty fun, very simple and straightforward. Then you get more realistic designs with more flesh-like material. These are usually shaped like the real thing, but don’t be surprised if you see a set of lips in the catalogue too.

Cock Rings

Then we have the cock rings. These are some intense stimulators for both parties. One reason why cock rings are so incredibly popular is the support they provide for your erection. They help you to maintain it longer and intensify your orgasm. At the same time they stimulate your partner. There are basic models and vibrating cock rings, all of them ready to get you off.

Pumps and Enlargers

No, we haven’t forgotten about the pumps and enlargers. These are special toys that help the blood-flow in your member area, allowing the glands to push the limits so-to-speak. However, the use of the enlarger has also become somewhat of a kink, so maybe you just like the feel of the pressure? Either way, it’s your toy to enjoy the way you want.

Tenga Male Sex Toys

Last but not least, we have a wide range of Tenga products. The Tenga company specializes in male sex toys and are responsible for innovations such as the Tenga Vibrating Egg. It’s a masturbator device that looks exactly like an egg, but is in reality a sleeve that stretches to fit any size. It’s pocket size for easy traveling and promises a very satisfying orgasm.

Much Much More

Of course we stock a lot more products, but these are the ones that jump to mind. If you explore the top menu you’ll easily find the “For Him” section. The dropdown will separate everything for you, making the process quick and fun.

Buying Male Sex Toys Online

The greatest part is that you can discreetly acquire all these wonderful masturbators and other goodies through our secure online store. We have a large catalogue dedicated to male satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for solo toys or something to use with your partner, we’ve got you covered. Your best next orgasm is only a click away.

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