Double ended dildos mean double the fun, it’s as simple as that. They either bring your partner in on the penetrative pleasure, or they double-up on your solo session. Chances are you’ve seen these highly entertaining sex toys in the adult film industry, before they landed on commercial shelves. Now you can experience them for yourself.

Just as with standard dildo models, you’ll get to choose from an array of colors, shapes and textures. The only difference is the double penetration possibilities. There are double ended dildos specifically for a two-person showdown. Typically made from a sturdy rubber, but still flexible to allow maneuvering, these extra-long dildos can be a whole lot of fun.

The alternative double ended dildo design is for some heated alone time. Also usually made with quality rubber material, these models are aimed at individual double penetration. Simply choose the dildo that draws your interest the most, and discover why they are so popular. Just make sure you are comfortable with the size and texture, because it’s all about enjoying the moment to the fullest.

If you are testing this type of dildo for the first time, it’s probably going to require some experimentation, especially when using it with your partner for the first time. Don’t be stingy with the lube and always pay attention to hygiene first. It’s also important that you use quality products if you are going to experience some of the best orgasms of your life.

It’s a good thing you’re in the right place, because our catalogue carries an extensive range of double ended dildos. Whether you are shopping with your partner, or you just require a playmate for your solo sessions, we’ve got the companion you need. Our products are top of the line in terms of quality and…service delivery.

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