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Find that elusive p-spot to transform orgasms to explosive orgasms. We have a wide range of stimulating anal toys available in stock, from Anal Vibrators & Prostate Massagers and beginner strap ons and butt plugs, to vibrating butt plugs and Anal Baloons. We also have a large number of anal beads and must-have cleansing kits such as douches and enemas.

Discover what pleasure can really be by choosing from our many styles, colours, textures, materials and sizes of anal toys – perfect for beginners and experienced alike! And don’t forget to grab yourself some anal glide or anal spray for a smooth and fulfilling experience every time.


Discover the world of possibilities that can come with introducing anal toys into your sex life or solo play. Anal stimulation is pleasurable for both women and men, and whether you’re experimenting on your own or with a partner, it’s an exciting and explosive experience that you can achieve with just the right toy.

Shop our huge range of anal toys and accessories to enhance your pleasure and intensify your orgasms:

Butt Plugs: One of the most popular anal toys, butt plugs deliver unique stimulation and can be worn for long periods of time for a deliciously prolonged experience. We have everything from slim and slender butt plugs that are perfect for beginners, to large, vibrating and inflatable models that will thrill and arouse you all the way to an explosive finish. Target your most sensitive and intimate areas for discreetly naughty stimulation while you go about your day, or with your partner during foreplay or sex for powerful, satisfying sensations from every angle.

Anal Beads: Take your orgasms to new heights with fully insertable anal beads that will fill, tease and stimulate you like nothing else. Choose from graduating beads that intensify your sensations more and more with each penetration, seductive vibrating models that can be used with your partner to give them total control over your pleasure, or versatile 2 in 1 anal beads that come complete with a cock ring to help you go longer and harder. We even have sensual glass models that can be heated or cooled for added intensity and temperature play.

Anal Douches: Both practical and pleasurable, anal douches and enemas are a necessity for every anal enthusiast and should be used before every session. Comfortable, safe and easy to use for both him and her, our selection will ensure you’re always clean, hygienic and ready for action. Cleverly designed to mould to your internal curves for maximum comfort and an ultra-smooth experience, we have models that range from basic cleansing tools right through to deluxe versions that offer powerful stimulation at the same time.


Anal stimulation can be intensely satisfying and enjoyable, but it can also be quite intimidating if you’ve never experimented with it before. If you’re making your first foray into anal play, there are a few important points you need to be aware of to use your toys safely and make the most of this exciting experience.

Using a Butt Plug: Butt plugs are shaped like a cone, starting small and slowly graduating in size. They are designed to sit internally, and usually have a slimmer section at the bottom and a flared base to keep it in place while you play. They will gently stretch the anus and stimulate the sensitive internal and external nerve endings, for intense sensations during sex or masturbation.

Apply plenty of Anal lubrication to the butt plug and your anus, and then while holding the base and shaft, gently ease the tip in. It may be a bit difficult to get in at first, but if you angle the plug towards your stomach it should be easier to penetrate. Slowly insert more of it as you feel comfortable until you reach the slim neck, with the flared base resting externally.

You can then keep the plug inside you while you use other forms of stimulation, or have sex. It can remain safely inside you for up to several hours while you play or move around, however we recommend that you take it out at least once every hour to reapply lube.

Using Anal Beads: Anal beads are a fantastic way to introduce yourself to anal play and experience it slowly and gently until you get more comfortable. They are smooth and round and easy to insert, and most start small and get larger with the more length you take which allows you to adjust to the size in your own time.

Liberally lubricate yourself and your anal beads, and then gently push the first bead inside you. You can then slowly insert each bead as you feel comfortable, until you’ve taken as much as want. They can be left in for additional stimulation during sex or masturbation, and can be pulled out at the point of orgasm to really intensify and heighten the sensation.

Many anal beads have a loop or handle at the end to prevent them from slipping all the way in, but if you choose to use a model without a handle make sure you leave at least two beads outside of your body so that you can easily remove it.

Using an Anal Douche: Anal douches are essential tools for deeply cleansing the anus before anal play or penetration, making sure it’s as clean and hygienic as possible and that your experience doesn’t get messy. It gently flushes water through the anus and removes any residues, then draws the water back out, leaving it clean.

Fill up the bulb with lukewarm water, then lubricate the tip of the douche and your anus. Gently insert the nozzle and press the bulb – this will dispense water into the rectum and clean you thoroughly. We recommend doing this over a toilet or when standing in a bath or shower. Squeeze the bulb gently for a slower flow of water, and more firmly for faster flow.

Remove it gently and hold the water in until you naturally feel the urge to let it out. You should repeat this process a few times until the water you are expelling runs clear. Always take it slowly the first time and if it hurts at any point, stop immediately and readjust the angle of your body for the tip of the douche to fit in comfortably.

Lubrication: Anal lube is an absolute necessity when using any sort of anal toy. The anus doesn’t naturally lubricate itself, so using purpose-made anal lube on yourself and your toys before penetration is essential to prevent pain, fissures, tears, friction burns and other unpleasant side effects. Quality lube will also prevent discomfort when moving around with butt plugs or other toys inside you.



At Sex Toys Ireland we have a fantastic range of specially designed anal lubes that will help you relax and enjoy safe, comfortable and fulfilling anal play.

Cleaning and Hygiene: Keep things ultra clean and hygienic while you experiment with anal toys to prevent mess and bacterial build up. Use an anal douche about 45 minutes before play for a thorough cleanse, and make sure your body has expelled all excess fluids before penetrating.

Use condoms on your toys – especially if you plan on using any of them for both anal and vaginal penetration. It will prevent infections, the build up of bacteria and make them easier to clean afterwards. We also advise that you use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner on your anal toys before and after use, to maintain optimum hygiene and safety.