Remember those good-old days when you’ve just discovered the magic of masturbation? It was more than just a little exciting to get some alone time and see how long you can stretch that feeling out. It’s like learning to ride the best bike in the world, and you know what, it never gets old. Sure, it might get a little repetitive, but never old. Now what if you can take your masturbation session to a whole other level with a pocket pussy? That’s right fellas, it’s a naughty toy for boys.

The toy vagina, or masturbator if you prefer, was made specifically for guys who want to bring in more realistic sensations. Molded in the shape of female body parts, a masturbator will bring you incredibly close to the real thing. There are many different types as well. You get the easy travel toy vaginas, which easily fit in your pocket. Then you get the slightly bigger designs for a better grip. But the range doesn’t end there.

A male masturbator will never be limited as long as there are creations such as the Vibrating Jack Off Sleeve, or the genie in the bottle. You can even get the Hot Lips, a masturbator that sucks like a real woman. Doesn’t this sound like something that can make a great experience more interesting?

The materials that are used for male sex toys usually switch between silicone, jelly and the all-popular flesh material. You’ll also find a range of colors, but let’s face it, does the color really matter when you’re having so much fun?

Do yourself a favor and explore our wide range of toy vaginas and masturbators. We only offer high quality products that will make you muscle harder than a night in Amsterdam’s red-light district. And it’s a lot safer.

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