If you haven’t heard about the rabbit vibrator by now, then there’s no time like the present. While a great deal of its fame hails from the “Sex and the City” series, it’s the magic of the rabbit vibrator that keeps women coming back for more. Designed specifically for your pleasure, this is the sex toy that will have you making some very strange noises.

Rabbit vibrators are typically more intimidating than the rest, because they usually come with an array of pulsating options. They are designed according to the shape of a classic vibrator, but there are some added bonuses, namely the small rabbit ears and the special g-spot curves. The rabbit ears are in place to stimulate the clitoral area, and yes, with a quality vibrator these work independently from the focused g-spot vibrations on the inside.

As with all vibrators in our catalogue, you’ll find an extensive range of color, designs and materials. Some even have pleasure beads as part of the shaft shape. But the main point you should always think about when you hear rabbit vibrator, is the dual stimulation. If you want to scratch two itches with one finger, this is the sex toy you’re looking for.

For newbie vibrator users, it might be better to start with something like the classic vibrator or dildo. The intensity of these specific vibrators is not to be taken lightly, which makes them better suited for seasoned users. Bring your rabbit vibrator into the bedroom if you feel like spicing things up with your partner, or use it for your own discreet pleasure. Either way, you’ll never regret adding it to your collection.

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