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Magic Wand Vibrators

Buy magic wand vibrators online at for intense body massage and clitoral stimulation. Discover the best magic wand sex toys in Ireland with incredible vibrations that guarantee amazing orgasms. Find out why magic wand vibrators are considered the ultimate orgasm toy!

The best thing about wand vibrators is the fact they don't look like sex toys at all. They are often labelled ‘personal massagers' which are suitable for neck and shoulder pain… Wand vibrators perfectly target your clitoris for intense clitoral orgasms and they usually come with a selection of different wand attachments, but if not wand attachments are available for purchase separately. The g-spot attachment is perfect for women who have always wondered what the intensity of a g-spot orgasm is like!

Shop for magic wand vibrators online for the most incredible stimulation you've likely ever experienced. Magic wands are sex toys designed to stimulate the clitoris easily by giving extra reach and offering new angles that couldn't be experienced before. They are longer in size than other clitoral toys, which make them much easier to use and position exactly where you want. Magic wand vibrators are famous for their powerful vibrations and their ability to give intense and satisfying orgasms. You can easily control the speed of the vibrations by selecting a vibration level that best suits your needs. Depending on which wand you buy, the speed can be changed quickly by pressing a button or turning a dial.

Magic wands can be used for your own pleasure for incredible orgasms but they're also ideal for use with a partner. As many women can only orgasm with the aid of clitoral stimulation, these sex toys provide a great opportunity to experience amazing clitoral sensations that will lead you into a mind blowing orgasm in no time at all. They are perfect for using during full penetrative sex; simply position the magic wand vibrator on the clitoris while your partner thrusts inside. The vaginal and clitoral pleasures will be unbearable and are sure to make your lover pleased with themselves.

One of the magical qualities people enjoy about this type of Body Wands is that they are known to be one of the most powerful vibrators. This is because, traditionally, wand massagers were corded and plugged into an electrical outlet, giving them an incredibly strong source of power.

The Magic Wand is available both as a battery-powered vibrator, which is to be charged, or with a cord that is connected to the outlet. In addition, you can buy extra accessories for your Magic Wand, for even more intense and thrilling enjoyment.
At Sex Toys Ireland we carry one of Ireland’s best selection of delicious and affordable Magic Wand vibrators in all colors and sizes. The advantage of a battery-powered model is that you have even more freedom of movement where a model for the outlet can be used as long as you want.
Magic Wand is one of the most powerful vibrators available on the market and was originally created for the massage of sore muscles. But you soon found out that it can be used for so much more. It is ideally suited for stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous zones.
Wand Massagers also tend to be a bit more discreet because they were literally designed to be a massage tool rather than an actual vibrator- which is good for those who prefer discretion. Or, if you want your vibrator to double up as a great tool to give a body massage. The same vibrations that feel good for sexual pleasure, also provide relaxing and pleasurable vibrations for a sore neck, back, legs, etc.

Body Wands are are the cornerstone element to any respectable sex toy collection. Most women will tell you that the body wand is the best toy purchase ever. They are a great massage tool if you have a sore neck, back or feet. They are also great for external stimulation to your erogenous zones for those who want a lot more power in their toys.

Body Wands come in a range of sizes, shapes, colours, power & power source. For the most part, they are usually quite large so external use is intended. The Body Wands you plug into the wall socket are extremely powerful and have constant power to them. Rechargeable wands are also quite powerful and allow the user to use them in or out of water (depends on the product) and the ones that take batteries are great if you want a quickly or in spare of the moment use. Just make sure the batteries aren't flat.

So if you are looking for extreme power for your erogenous zones or just to relieve a sore neck after a hectic week at work than I'm sure we have a Body Wand for you!


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