Black Hole Water Base Gel Anal Dilation 150 Ml

Black Hole Water Base Gel Anal Dilation 150 Ml

Black Hole Water Base Gel Anal Dilation 150 Ml


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Black Hole, undoubtedly the best option, dilator and relaxer is specially designed for the practice of anal sex, being the dilator lubricant par excellence. It is a very high quality anal lubricant recommended both for all those who want to start in the practice of anal sex and for experienced users. Many couples are curious, but many do not dare to try it … The idea that it can cause pain makes them put aside many times it is practical, being one of the most pleasant.

Black Hole Anal Relax was specially developed for anal pleasure. Due to the slightly numbing effect, the sphincter relaxes effectively and thus ensures painless penetration without loss of sensation. Just gently massage into the anus, let it act for a short time, and start your relaxed anal love affair.

The special grease-free composition of the lubricant soluble in water and therefore can be easily washed with water, has no colorants and does not leave traces, even in passionate moments. With a silky smooth consistency that makes the skin feel comfortable and with optimal coverage, the Black Hole Anal realax is ideal for satisfying lovemaking and carefree. Quality made in Europe!


  • High relaxing and dilating power
  • Water based lubricant
  • Special for strong dilations (eg fisting)
  • Compatible with condoms
  • Colorless, odorless and tasteless
  • Not greasy
  • Format: 150 ml


We manufacture based on experience and how important it is to try new things and expand your sexual horizons. The timeless taboo subject of anal sex is now socially acceptable and practiced as normal by millions of people. This slightly numbing lubricant was developed to make it easier for you to get started with anal intercourse.

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