Body Light Twilight Wand Electro Conductor

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You are your own electrode with the Twilight Wand Electro Conductor! With this unique set you can easily give your partner the most intense e-stim jolts. How does it work? Attach the set to the Body Light Twilight Wand. Then place the metal plate on your hip for instance. After that your body is your conductor! Use your fingers and stimulate the most sensitive areas of your partner. Do you dare to wear them?

Caution: We advise you to refrain from using sex toys for Electrosex at all times if you are wearing a pacemaker, a medicine pump or other medical apparatus. Electrosex can lead to damage and defects to such devices. This is also the case for people with heart failures and heart complaints. Do not take any chances and contact a specialist if in doubt about the use of electrosex toys.

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