Hood with Open Mouth Gag

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Hood with Open Mouth Gag

Hood with Open Mouth Gag

Hood with Open Mouth Gag


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Confine your pet in a blackout hood that deprives them of sight, sound, and speech! This hood includes lacing at the back and three buckles, including the collar, that allow you to customize the fit and bind your lover in tight confinement. The padded blindfold portion is comfortable and ensures that they will have no idea what you have in store for them as you punish, please, and tease their vulnerable body. The holes at the nose allow for unrestricted breathing, but the ear area is completely closed so that they will hear only muffled sounds around them that will leave them helpless to your desires. The unique mouth feature pushes into their mouth like a ring-gag, opening them up so that they are unable to speak and all their moans and gasps will be muffled, particularly with the plug in place. Remove the plug to open them up to your preferred violation. A D-ring on the collar gives you the option to attach a leash, clamps, or a variety of other BDSM accessories.

Removable mouth plug

Padded eye and ear areas

Adjustable straps

Rear lacing for tight fit

D-ring on collar for leash

Gag keep mouth open

Additional information

Weight 561 g

Imitation Leather, Metal

Suitable for




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